Site Notes……

This is a new blog site…. so just to let you know its a work in progress and will change as I figure out how to set it up.

The name “Thought In The Dark” was suggested by a blog naming tool when I described what I wanted to do.  It was a take off on “Shot in the Dark”, a Peter Sellers movie, which I still love to this day.  Peter Sellers left this planet way too early and his Inspector Clouseau made me laugh through much of my childhood and continues to do so as we speak.  So the name with its movie connection  and my random thoughts in the dark….the site name clicked.

The image avatar is from my iphone.  I had fun playing with it and creating myself.  Its a pretty close likeness.  Few years ago I had really long hair. Wish it had stuck around so I could have had a hairy avatar.  Oh well… I guess we all have to grow up (old) at some point!

The golden sunset image is from the shores of Alamoosook lake in Orland, Maine.  We rented a awesome cabin for a wonderful Summer up there.  The sky lit up as I was sitting on the beach and snapped this photo.  Its real and not some abstract image.  One of my favorite memories.

Stay tuned as I tweek the site and continue to improve it…..


  1. Zakiah says:

    Love this. This is such a beautifuly worded account of you. I hope this comment goes through. It was declined earlier because of questionable password. Hope this one goes through.

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    1. Masood says:

      My first comment. Thanks Alabeti. ❤️


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