Woke up in the dark yesterday.  It was early and the only light in the bedroom was the sunrise peeking around the edges of the window blind.  As my eyes focused I could hear the soft breathing of Tigger and Tess our two cats, Pepi our Chihuahua and my wife Judith all snuggled around me.  As I lay there I heard a text ding on my phone.  I thought to myself I am not going to look at that.  After all it was 630 am.  My brain had woken me up.  Something nagging at me.  Its always been way too full of itself.  Opinions, rants, corrections and mostly thoughts.  They seem to come randomly and at all times of the day.  When I close my eyes these thoughts in the dark become real words.  I was thinking I really should make time to write.  I have been saying this to myself for years but never did.

Then I glanced at my phone.  It was a early morning text from my aunt.  And in it she said……… ” Masoodan (term of endearment) please start writing janu (dear). You are such a good writer. Just start off with whatever you are thinking, your life, the surgery, everything. Your pets, Judith. Once you put pen to paper, it will come naturally to you. Plus it will be so therapeutic for you to do that.  I love you darling. Praying for you the whole time.”

Hmmm…. was that the universe saying something?   At 57 years old I have had a lot on my plate lately.  Mostly a failing heart it seems.  The clock is suddenly ticking.  A life lived full but potentially short. It must be time for a brain dump.  So today I started a blog.  Not sure if it will matter to anyone or if anyone will even see or read it.  But hey I have a lot to say.  About everything and nothing.  About lifes ups and down, happy and sad moments, observations, laughter, comedy, dire straits, music, movies, kids, pets, whatever… right?

So here goes nothing and to intriguing you…………..




  1. Tasneem Ali says:

    good reading bhaiya…i will be your follower ….its a good option to pen down all your thoughts for sure…hope its therapeutic for you


    1. nali099 says:

      Agreed! Some great thoughts and reads 👍🏼 Keep it up Mamu


  2. Zakiah says:

    I love the way you have started on your ruminations and were trying to juggle the yae or nae of the desire to write. I am so happy that the yae came through.
    It’s a river, janu. The writing! It just continues on and on, and while sometimes it is turbulent against the boulders, it eventually calms down and lets you glide along.
    Love you janu.


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