Spring 2019 Colorado

It has been almost a month since my last post.  Things are progressing well with my recovery.  Hitting the gym hard and working out has helped and making me feel better.  Up to 2-3 miles on treadmill and 12-15 miles on bike in cardiac rehab.  Pacemaker seems to be working well and no screaming alarms lately.  Still have moments of tiredness but all in all back on the road to recovery.  Many of you have written asking how I am and also when my next blog is coming so that was very thoughtful.  Thank you.  I have had no shortage of topics to write about and have been thinking about it for weeks now.  As usual mostly in the middle of the night and an entire topic will formulate in my brain. Of course, to be completely forgotten by the time I wake up in the morning other than bits and pieces.  

Spring seemed to arrive early in mid-April to Denver.  Typical Colorado weather.  Temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s during the week followed by brief and turbulent wet snow on weekends.  It was a pattern.  Judith and I getting excited to put away the winter gear and get out our flip flops only to be disappointed a few days later and back in socks again.  The sight of trees blooming and everything turning green always makes Spring one of my favorite times of the year.  The earth regenerating into new life again.  There were signs everywhere around us.  Many different and colorful birds feeding and chirping in our back yard around the bird feeder.  Fat squirrels trying to climb up the feeder to get to the bird seeds, And lots of bunnies big and small.  Budding and flowering trees full of lilac and jasmine.  Especially this last week was amazing with the fragrance all around the house every time we stepped out.  Then it snowed yesterday to be followed by temps in the mid to high 70’s again.   I hope the blooms last.  

Speaking of new life… we had 6 baby bunnies under our back-yard deck.  They were so cute and precious looking.  Tiny little creatures.  They would venture out into the lawn and nibble on the new grass while keeping a vary eye out for the giants behind the glass door and the two mini tigers and ferocious barking 9 lb. chihuahua watching too.  Any abrupt movement would cause the little bunnies to immediately flatten down into the grass and go completely still as if we couldn’t see them.  At one point, Judith actually walked up a foot away to one such bunny and had to shoo it back under the deck.  Silly bunny who thought it has become invisible.  

One day she was not as careful to check the back yard for our menagerie of critters before she let Pepi out.  I was making coffee while Judith opened our kitchen sliders and let Pepi out for his morning business and suddenly let out a scream… “No, No, No”. It was the most hurt and painful sound I have ever heard her make.  Pepi had chased and caught a tiny little bunny in his mouth. He dropped it on the ground when Judith got to him which was like in two seconds.  He looked confused.  Wasn’t that what he was supposed to do?  The little bunny was the size of his squeaky toy that we throw around the house that he chases and brings back to us.  But now the bunny was laying still on the ground on its side.  Judith picked it up and it barely fit in her palm it was that small.  As she held it crying “Oh no, Oh no” … I came outside and the bunny took its last breath and died.  I think Pepi didn’t really hurt it as much as give it a heart attack.  It was a bit surreal watching such a tiny little creature perish in her hand with its big gentle eyes slowly fading away.  Of course, by now I had a hysterical wife who was literally sobbing loudly, a dog running around in circles that I was trying to reassure did nothing wrong and me trying to sort out what happened.  I brought her back into the house and she put the bunny in a shoe box out in the garage as she couldn’t bring herself to just dispose of the body in our garbage can.  As you can tell my wife is very sensitive to animals.  We can’t ever watch any tv show or movie where an animal may get hurt or killed.  While we were sitting at the kitchen table consoling her we both noticed the mama bunny was out from under our deck and was going back and forth across our yard and it dawned on us she was missing one of her 6 bunnies and was looking for it. We both felt even worse after that. The next morning, I helped Judith take the baby bunny out and we buried it in our back yard under a ponderosa pine tree.  Judith had a solemn moment while I wondered how many gazillions of bunnies died suddenly all over this planet like this.  Life and Death played out in a micro second in our little yard.  

Spring in Colorado.


  1. Zakiah says:

    Oh no , how sad Masoodan. I choked up just reading it. I can imagine what Judith went through. So sad.
    I am happy you are doing good with your cardiac rehab.
    My computer died. Totally. One minute I was on it, then a phone call came from London, and while I was talking, I saw the screen go black, and pfffttt. Like as if it was a last sigh. Now I have to wait till Monday to talk to my personal geek.
    Glad I have an iPad.
    Love you. Take care.


  2. slmret says:

    I’m glad to hear your recovery is going well — but sorry to hear about the poor little bunny! Poor Pepi must be really confused, not knowing why he couldn’t do what he thought he was supposed to do — for Judith, it was an accident, and much as you hate to see it happen, it is an occurrence of nature. All will be well in time.


  3. You got some nice pictures! Way to go on your recovery. You’re putting in a lot of good work. Sorry to hear about the poor bunny. I hope the mother rabbit and the rest of the bunnies will stay safe.


  4. Stunning photos, Masood! 🙂 I am so glad you are recovering well! 🙂
    So very sorry to hear about the little bunny….and his bunny-mom! 😦
    And poor Pepi…just following his instincts.
    Oh, but I do understand Judith’s pain and sadness. 😦
    Yes, we so often get caught up in human-bean stuff and forget all the life and death going on around us in nature every day.
    Keep enjoying the positives of Spring…Summer is right around the corner! 🙂
    HUGS for all!!! 🙂


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